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Aaron, Thomas J. (Green Earth Nursery)
Jacksonville, FL - Vandaceous/ Cattleya/ Oncidiinae/ Culture /or Modern Breeding; Creating Pods and Growing Orchids from Seed; Others

Arditti, Joseph
Irvine, CA - Various Technical and Non-technical subjects

Barkalow, Ray (First Rays Orchids)
Buckingham, PA - Semi-Hydroponic Culture

Brenneise, Harvey
Oak Harbor, WA - Darwin's sexy orchids, Finding hidden internet orchid treasures, Others

Clarke, Fred (Sunset Valley Orchids)
California - Cycnoches, Mormodes, Catasetums, Paphs, Catts, Culture & More!

Davis, Keith (Keith Davis Orchids)
Reidsville, NC - Orchid Growing Tips, Demystifying the Bifoliates, The Ghost Orchid, Growing Award Winning Cattleyas

Feddersen, Kim (Fair Orchids)
Maplewood, NJ; WOC 2008, Slippers (5 genera), Growing Vandaceous orchids in the NE, Orchid Propagation/Growing from Flask

Gemeinhart, Ernie (EnLightened Orchids)
Orlando, FL - Paphs, Growing Under Lights, Record Keeping

Gerritsen, Mary
San Mateo, CA - Orchids of Borneo, Orchids of Thailand, Orchid Conservation in Brazil, The Ascent of Mt. Roraima, Miniature Orchid Species, Masdevallias

Glicenstein, Leon
State College, PA - Various orchid related lectures

Goldner, William (Woodstream Orchids)
Huntingtown, MD - Various Topics - Tropical

Hersh, Helen (Mount Prospect Orchids)
Brooklyn, NY - Paphs & Phrags, Bulbophylums, Advanced Windowsill Growing

Heshka, Lorne
Winnipeg, MB - Orchids of Thailand; Orchids, Whales & Polar Bears; Orchids of the Prairie Provinces & British Columbia

Jorg, Brian
Cincinnati, OH - Outdoor Photographer, Public Speaker, Orchid grower, Eco Travel Leader

Lin, Peter T.
Southern California - Minicatts: Miniature Cattleyas of Yesterday and Today; Miniature Orchid Species: Tiny Wonders of the Orchid World

Mathis, William (The Wild Orchid Company)
Doylestown, PA - Gardening with Hardy Terrestrial Orchids

Parsons, Ron
South San Francisco, CA - Various orchid species-related talks.

Rach, Nina M. (Autre Vie Orchids)
Houston, TX - Stanhopeas and Allied Genera; Sobralias!; Orchids of the Gran Sabana; Orchid habitats in eastern & southern Africa; Arachnis; Eulophia; et al.

Roberts, Wayne (Roberts Flower Supply)
Columbia Station, OH - Potting Materials, Cypripediums & Native American Orchids, Non Lethal Pest And Fungus Control, Growing Under Lights!

Rogers, Bruce (Bruce Rogers Orchids)
San Francisco, CA - Sobralias, General Culture, More

Sampliner, Thomas
University Heights, OH - Various orchd related programs

Storm, Paul (Meke Aloha Orchids)
Sarasota, FL - Schomburgkias, Myrmecophilas, and their Hybrids

Turkel, Marni (Stony Point Ceramic Design)
Santa Rosa, CA - Lesser Known Oncidiinae; Looking for Orchids in Peru, More!

Whitlow, Carson E. (Cyp. Haven)
Adel, IA - Cypripediums, Calopogons, Blue Cattleya History, More!

Wilhelm, Rolf & Linda (Woodland Orchids)
Charlotte, NC - Oncidum Intergenerics, Mexican Adventure, More!

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