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Page Updated: 2018
Asking for contributions to an autistic young man's orchid collection. He has lost his supermarket job and can no longer buy new plants. ANYTHING you could spare would be appreciated. Please contact me at for the address. Thanks and God Bless.
Flask for sale:
1) xyz12 Paph tigrinum 'New Hope" x self
very nice clone, robust grower with dark botches. less prone to bud blast then others. ($200)
2) xyz15 Paph tigrinum "Winchester x Toyko"
Tokyo is a top clone from Machan at TON with huge flowers. Winchester brings heavy substance; hoping for better next generation batch of plants ($250)
3) xyz18 paph purpurascns var virens x self
Excellent clone, robust grower. I must have over a dozen new growths on the mother plant. species may also go by javanicum. ($200)
4) xyz19 Paph pupuanum
outcross of two of my best papuanum. Robust seedlings, probably the best seedlings coming out of a flask for a long time. These are pre papuanums that Popow are importing. leaves are slightly ticker. ($250)
103 issues of "The Orchid Advocate" and "Orchid Adventures" both of which are the official journal of the Cymbidium Society of America. These cover 1975 to 2000. Included are: Vol 1 no 1,4, Vol 2 no 1-3,5,6
Vol 3 no 1.2, 4-6, Vol 4 no 1-3,5,6, Vol 5 no 2-6, Vol 6 no 2-6, Vol 7 no 3-5, Vol 8 no 1,2,3,5, Vol 9 no 1-6, Vol 10 no 1,6, Vol 11 no 1, 3-6, Vol 12 no 1-4,6, Vol 13 no 2,4,5, Vol 14 no 1-3,5,6, Vol 18 no 1-4,6, Vol 19 no 1,3-6, Vol no 20 no 1-6, Vol 21 no 1,3-6, Vol 22 no 1-6, Vol 23 no 2-6, Vol 24 no 5,6, Vol 25 no 1,4,6, year 2000 Vol 1,2,3.
These issues are quite heavy. Journals are free. Shipping will be $22.00.
Slo Orchids specializes in species and unusual primary hybrids.
Below is our monthly Orchid Special for February, 2018.
These selections are all blooming size and reflect a 25% reduction of their list price.
Please order using the secure shopping cart on our website,
Cattleya intermedia x Encyclia hanburyi $18.00
Coelogyne flexuosa $15.00
Dendrobium nemorale $16.50
Encyclia bractescens $16.50
Maxillaria porphyrostele $18.00
For Sale: All Blooming Size Plants (Paphiopedilum) unless noted otherwise..plants are well grown and have been in my space for the past three years, pics available on request. The hybrids are breeding for dark flowers.
Hsinying Anita x rothschildianum 50.00 (two available)
Hsinying Anita x roth NBS 30.00
Johanna Burkhardt x rothschildianum 50.00
Johanna Burkhardt x rothschildianum in Bud (two growth plant) 60.00
rothschildianum 'Hsinton x 'Macrura Scarlet Robe' NBS 40.00
rothschildianum 'Hsinton x 'Macrura Scarlet Robe' BS 75.00
rothschildianum "New Horizon" FCC/AOS x Raptor GM/JOGA 8-10 inch LS 50.00
Please email me at Paypal only. Shipping and heatpacks extra.
Orchid books for sale - very good condition, basic to advanced. Send an email to for complete list and prices. Will ship to US addresses only. Buyer pays shipping - exact cost for media mail via USPS.
Catt. crosses for sale:
Have been growing a number of catt. crosses for some time now. They are robust and now ready to be put into 4 inch pots come this spring. Have a few with there first sheaths. Looking to sell a few at $25 each and if you buy three or more will try to give one in bud or sheath. Can send photos of the catts to your e-mail. Please contact me at if you have any interest. This will be sellers choice but I can send photos of the plants before you purchase. Thanks and hope that everyone has a Happy Holiday.
I am looking for a division of Cymbidium Little Beauty and Cymbidium Pee Wee ‘gold coins’
I’m looking for Mexican Stanhopea species (S. tigrina, S. nigroviolacea, S. oculata, etc.). Let me know what you have.
I'm looking for a Potinara "Lemon Tree Yellow Magic"
Cattleya intermedia alba Windy Hill" AM/AOS 7 growth two lead 66 cm tall in 7 inch pot. $125.00 plus $20.00 shipping money order or check.
Orchid collection for sale
Due to health problems, I unfortunately need to sell most of my orchids.
They are mostly Cattleya and Laelia species, hybrids and awarded plants.
I can add plants to the list if you have a particular plant you are looking for.
Please email me for a list at
Shipping will be FREE if you want the plants taken out of the pots. Other details will be on list.
Old growth rescued Cypripedium clumps (2-5 stems).
Cyp. reginae @ $25/stem
Cyp. pubescens @ $20/stem
Cyp. parviforum @ $15/stem
Shipping Oct 15 - April 15
Inquire for larger clumps or quantity order.
Wildland Management Company
MN Dept. Ag. Certificate # 201386637
Sentinel Orchids has issued the new 2017/2018 catalog. The listing has many new virus tested collector orchids and awarded plants and an expanded TIPS section on strategies and procedures for growing. The number of each type are very limited as they represent divisions of collection plants. Since the listing will initiate in October, we expect to be able to forward plants hopefully into November, until weather gets too cold. With payment of plants, we will gladly hold plants and grow them larger until weather permiting in 2018. Please access the listing at There is a special on Bc. Mt. Hood 'Orchidglade' AM/AOS at $50.00 per plant with a $200 order or a free plant with orders of $300 or more for first 8 qualifying orders. Sentinel also has a large collection of variegated Haworthias mostly in the limifolia type and rare succulents. Please inquire. Phone number is (610) 688-8528. E-mail:
I am offering a large selection of some very choice Cattleyas for Fall 2017. These plants are flowering size, front lead divisions.
List is HERE. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me at

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