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Page Updated: 2017
Some very select plants for sale:
C. dowiana "Crothers" large plant with 7 bulbs $325; C. Dowiana "Midas touch" am/aos 11 bulbs in sheath can make 2 plant when divided $225; C. Warscewiczii "alexanders var." 4-5 bulb huge plant in sheath $300. The first 3 plants listed will ship at $25 each as I will leave then in their clay pots.
The following plants will ship at $15 each up to 2 plants in a box C. Mendelli " Carlos arango " in sheath $100; Lc. Pirate king "port wine" $80; blc. Goldenzelle " orange pumpkin" $125; Phrag. Kovachii laura x Ana minimum 10" leaf span $75 several available.
Please email if interested
Slo Orchids specializes in species and unusual primary hybrids.
Below is our monthly Orchid Special for May 2017.
These selections are all blooming size and reflect a 25% reduction of their list price.
Please order using the secure shopping cart on our website,
Angraecum didieri $18.00
Cattleya aurantiaca 'John'e Ortange Jewel AM/AOS $27.00
Dendrobium tetragonum $21.00
Encyclia stellata $21.00
Epidendrum polybulbon $13.50

Springwater Orchids is taking pre-order to pick up at Redland Orchid Festival, May 19th – 21st. I have flasks list, as well as plants list. If interested, please E-mail: Thanh Nguyen at with your name please (for record keeping purpose). No shipping charge for pickup at Redland, plants/flasks can so be shipped either before or after Redland, if you are placing an order but not attend Redland. Shipping will be added to the mail orders. Also, ask to join my private sales listing! I send a list out now and then to my customers. It’s fun and many good orchids plants to choose from!!
I need to make room! I have divisions of the following Paphs available, ranging from 1-3 growths, all blooming size from old mother plants:
Anitum - $500.00         Randsii - $250.00         Sangii - $100.00
Ciliolare - $65.00         Ciliolare “Pink” - $75.00         Robinsonianum - $200.00
Haynaldianum v. lauriae - $200.00         Philippinense - $100.00         Primulinum v. purpurascens - $50.00
Armeniacum - $45.00 (2 small growths)         Villosum v. annamense (selected) - $100.00
Paphiopedilum lowii v. Sulawesi (not richardianum, might be a new species, extremely rare) - $500.00
Coelogyne Salvaneriana - $50.00         Dendrobium rhombeum - $100.00
Dendrobium sanderae - $75.00         Bulbophyllum gracillimum - $75.00
Phragmipedium longifolium – (small 1 growth) - $50.00
Photos and more information available upon request. Combined shipping and discounts for buying a few always available.
C. (Lc.) Park Ridge (C. Spring Comet x C. mossiae) Tolumnia Rio's Birdie
Contact: or (318) 861-9095
Orquidiario Cerro Verde, now have orchids plants available in Doral, Florida. Mainly Venezuelan and Colombian cattleya species, and more. Most of the plants has been produced in Venezuela by Armando Mantellini, or belong to his private collection.
We will be participating in 2017 Redland Orchid Festival on May 19, 20 & 21. You can buy it from us directly at the Festival, we accept cash, checks, and paypal. Alternatively, we can ship to any location in the US, except Hawaii. If you are interested in more information feel free to contact us or connect with us.
Facebook: Orquideas Cerro Verde
Instagram: @orquideascerroverde
My spring division list of very rare and hard to find cattleya species and very old hybrids is now available.
Please email me at for the list and prices if interested.
My Spring 2017 Classic Cattleya Division List (Word format). All plants are flowering size divisions.
Please contact me, Plato Mathews at
For sale/equal trade. Paphiopedilum 'W.R. Lee'. (Primary hybrid of P. Rothschildianum & P. Superbiens). Blooming size, 6 fans ranging from 12-19" across + keiki forming. Trade for blooming size Phal. Violacea. Shipping included in trade. Text me for photo. 317-832-9317. E-mail:
I have one division of C. nobilior fma. amaliae ‘Fabio Nahas’ for sale. One year fully established in a 5” pot, 4 mature bulbs, 3 old bloom spikes, new growth just starting, (probably the blooming growth), good root system. This clone is a fine example of the amaliae color form with excellent shape, vigorous and easy to grow, loving bright light and a rest in the winter. See photo on my web site on face page and also under the bifoliate section of the web site with more information about the clone. Email me for photos of the available division. $500.00 plus shipping. Keith Davis. email or web site at
For sale Paphiopedilum micranthums and armeniacums both of which are currently in bud. These are single growth plants. The armeniacums are in high bud and the micranthums are in low bud. All first time bloomers. $40 each, with free, bare root shipping if you purchase 3 or more (mix and match). $35 each in groups of 6 or more, (mix and match). Buds, NOT guaranteed in shipping as they will be shipped without heat packs, yet almost 100% arrive without blasting. Please contact,
Looking for original divisions of the following plants:
Blc. Sylvia Fry 'Supreme' AM/AOS
Lc. Dorset Gold 'Orchidhurst'
Blc. Fortune 'Golden Throne' AM/AOS
Looking for Prosthechea radiata (Encyclia radiata) any size.
ORCHID MAINTENANCE. Have been growing and maintaining orchids for 27 years. I am looking for new customers in the Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach and Boynton Beach, Florida areas. I fertilize, fungicide, insecticide and groom the orchids.
Call me at 561-271-6131. Jane Maechtle
Looking for registered tolumnia hybrds or crosses with registered parents. Lost my collection in a thermostat failure last summer. I'd like to rebuild. Please contact Don Ghiz, or 713-302-5-0505.
Here is my latest list of plants and books available at this time: List
Old growth rescued Cypripedium clumps (2-5 stems).
Cyp. reginae @ $25/stem
Cyp. pubescens @ $20/stem
Cyp. parviforum @ $15/stem
Shipping Oct 15 - April 15
Inquire for larger clumps or quantity order.
Wildland Management Company
MN Dept. Ag. Certificate # 201386637

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