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Page Updated: 2021
One division available of C. Leoloddiglossa coerulea 'Call That Blue' AM/AOS. In bloom now; can ship in bloom but I'll knock the clay pot off, saving on shipping. $400. Never cloned. Tan sepals and petals and "blue" lip. Price includes shipping in continental US.
Looking for Cattleya guttata, mature or near-mature size preferred. Please contact me at
I am looking for a blooming size plant of Angraecum Lemforde ‘White Beauty’   Contact
Selling some of my Stanhopea orchids.
Stanhopeas are all that I do and I only do one or two flasks a year.
All from Meyers Conservatory flasks.
All deflasked into (3) 4" plastic pots and hardened off for aprox 1 month.
Raised in the three pots for 10 to 12 months, then separated to individual pots/baskets.
Stan Ecornuta Bill x William Deflasked 7-18 (7) various size baskets available
Stan Grandiflora Gran Sabana x Self Deflasked 5-19 (30) 4" baskets (10) 6" baskets
Stan Ecornuta MC7112 x Self Deflasked 10-19 (30) 4" baskets (15) 4" pots
Let me know what you are interested in and i'll get pix and prices.
Email me at:
Cal-Orchid's Fabulous Summer Hummer is Back!
July 16, 17 & 18, 2021, 9 am - 5 pm
At Last!! We are thrilled to announce that Cal-Orchid's fabulous Summer Hummer Sale is on for 2021! Come join us in person for our grand re-opening, featuring exceptional orchids, summer fun and our special guests:
Golden Gate Orchids - Tom Perlite (sales Friday & Saturday)
Orchids Ltd. - Jason Fischer (Neofinetia falcata Seminar/Saturday Event)
Diamond Orchids - Peter Lin (Neofinetia falcata Seminar/Saturday Event)
Give us a call @ (805) 967-1312
1251 Orchid Dr., Santa Barbara, CA
I am offering flowering size, front lead divisions of the following classic Cattleya orchids.
C Nickie Holguin ‘PTA’ HCC/AOS awarded 1978 $150.00
C Bow Bells ‘Norma Lewis’ AM/AOS 1962 $150.00
C Mary Lynn McKenzie ‘Pigtails’ AM/AOS 1964 $150.00
C Mary Lynn McKenzie ‘Jennie Goode’ AM/AOS 1961 $150.00
C Mary Lynn McKenzie ‘Susan Fuchs’ AM/AOS 1963 $150.00
C Bob Betts ‘Cherry’ AM/AOS 1962 $150.00
C Empress Bells ‘Orchidglade’ AM/AOS 1964 $150.00
C Bow Bells ‘July’ Registered 1945 $150.00
Bc Gatton Snowflake ‘Purity’ FCC/RHS 1921 $150.00
C Karae Lyn Sugiyama ‘Patrician’ HCC/AOS 1962 $150.00
C Bow Bells ‘Honolulu’ Registered 1945 $150.00
C Ruth Gee ‘Whillikers’ HCC/AOS 1978 $150.00
C Eloquence ‘Covenanter’ AM/AOS 1957 $150.00
If interested in any divisions, please contact Plato Mathews at
Looking to purchase Dollie Ann Cole cattleya plant or cuttings named after my Mother. Parents: Princess Margaret and Elizabeth Off in 1967. Please contact Anne at
Cymbidium Seedling release, in 2.1/2" pots, prices $10-15 each depending upon qty ordered.
FO-221 ([Bluenose x devonianum] x Hazel Fay 'Shocking' AM/AOS) = pendulous
FO-224 (Hazel Fay 'Shocking' AM/AOS x Mem. Amelia Earhart 'Scott Valine' HCC/AOS) = pendulous
FO-225 (Hazel Fay 'Shocking' AM/AOS x Dosido 'Freckleface' HCC/AOS) = standard, early season bloomer
Cattleya flasks:
I am sending 10-15 pods to the lab this season. Flasks will be produced in standard (24+ sdlgs) and hobby (8+ sdlgs) sizes.
As the lab advises germination, I will start to accept flask pre-orders for later delivery. The first two crosses have reached this stage.
Please visit for photos and pricing.
Questions and/or orders should be sent to
Wanted: Cattleya mossiae ‘Yukon’, ‘Peter Pan’ and other varieties of line-bred mossiaes from the late Harry Rapella.
Contact David at or
Plants for sale:
-Aerides flabellata (mature bare-root plant)...$40.00
-Aerides lawrenciae (mature plant in 6" basket)...$50.00
-Brassavola nodosa 'Susan Fuchs' FCC/AOS (mature plant mounted on 6" plaque)...$50.00
-Cattleya mossiae 'Willowbrook' FCC/AOS (established divisions)
4" pot...$40.00; 5" pot...$50.00 (3 available); 6" pot...$60.00
-Cattleya schilleriana ('Yardley's AM/AOS x schilleriana) 6" pot in bud...$50.00
-Cattleya skinneri 'Heiti Jacobs' FCC/AOS (bare-root divisions)
2-bulb...$20.00 (4 available);3-bulb...$30.00 (3 available); 4-bulb...$40.00 (2 available)
-Cattleya trianae alba 'Joe' (established divisions)
4" pot...$30.00 (2 available); 5" pot...$40.00; 6" pot...$50.00
-Dendrobium farmeri (blooming size in 6" pot)...$45.00
Prices do not include cost of shipping (USPS Priority).
Photos will be provided upon request.
Please contact me at:
Two in bud:
Renanthera citrina 'Fat Man' HCC/AOS, never cloned, this is a small division of one of my awarded plants. Ten or so buds coming when it got its HCC it also got me a CCM with 55 flowers and 15 buds), it's in 4" pot with one keiki coming, $100.
Bifrenaria harrisoniae 'Atravia' (alba form) 6" pot, two buds, this is the only division this year. White with yellow fuzz in the lip, fragrance of apples. $75.
Add $10 for one or both for shipping in continental US.
Reply to
ISO Vanda coerulea—the species, not one of its numerous hybrids. Twisted petals are fine, as I’m not looking for one of the so-called “improved” varieties. Please contact if available.
Looking for mature plants of Aeranthes orchids. Species or hybrids.
Looking for Oncidium splendidum plant.
Warscewiczii for sale: Leo Holguin FCC(b3gr+2start) $275, semi-alba 'Bedford' JC 4gr/1 start, atropurpurea-orlata 'Eclipse' 2gr/1start ($150), semi-alba 'FMB' FCC seedling clone NBS ($90) E-mail:
Looking for Lycaste aromatica and Lycaste consobrina plants.
Looking for keikis or young plants of nobile type of dendrobium with id. Blooming-size plants are also ok if the prices are not too high.
Please email with the name of the plant and price.
Looking for Cattleya Aloha Case. Prefer blooming-size plants. Please email if available.
Listed below are large size blooming size pleiones that I can offer at this time.
Several are in limited quantities (less than 10). Shipping is a flat $8.
Pleione Alishan $12, aurita`$15, Confusa $20, Eiger $15, formosana $10, Giacomo Leopardi $15, Irazu Mallard $20,
Orizaba 'Fish Eagle' $20, San Salvadore $20, Tongariro $10, Ueli Wackernagel $20, Vesuvius $20.
I'm seeking seed for hardy orchids native to the northern US and/or Canada. I'd be interested in hearing about any well-stored seeds that may be available. Responsibly collected seeds only, please. The following species are especially desired.
Arethusa bulbosa
Calypso bulbosa
Cypripedium acaule - white form
Platanthera ciliaris
Please reply to
Calopogon tuberosus corms to sell. Two options: Lot of 20 corms for $5 each or a lot of 50 at $4 per corm. All are nice blooming size corms.   E-mail:
I would like to purchase a division or an established plant of Lc. Bethune Indigo AM/AOS also C. Pride of Texas virus fee. Contact me @ or call 504-388-2058. I live in Metairie, La. And have been breeding coerulea catts. Etc. Please send pictures and info as to size, condition, and price.

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