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Page Updated: 2019
Slo Orchids specializes in species, and unusual primary hybrids.
Below is our monthly Orchid Special for April, 2019.
These selections are all blooming size and reflect a 25% reduction of their list price.
We guarantee winter shipments as we include a free heat pack when required.
Please order using the secure shopping cart on our website,
Dendrochilum cootesii $18.75
Dockrillia wassellii $16.50
Eria ornata $16.50
Isochilus carnosiflorus $18.00
Stanhopea jenischiana $21.00
I'm looking for a few people in the Boca Raton/Delray Beach, Florida area who would like sojme help with their orchids. The help I provide is with fertilizing, fungiciding and insecticiding on a regular schedule. Always the best chemicals for each purpose. Have been providing this service in this area for 28 years. Still a member of Boca Raton Orchid Society and have won three Awards of Merit from the American Orchid Society and have a lot of experience with orchid shows. Looking forward to hearing from you. JANE MAECHTLE 561-727-5560
I'm looking for divisions of the following orchids: BLC. Frank Fordyce, BLC. Honolulu Sunset ‘Wakida', BLC. Beningno Aquio ‘Krull-Smith', LC. Carolina Wren ‘Walter Smith', Pot. Rising Moon ‘Apricot Glory'
Looking for live Chysis Bractescens plants. E-mail:
Looking for various leaf forms of Ludisia discolor. Plants or cuttings are both groovy. Please email with photo of leaves and costs.
Stem Props from VERY rare Phals. 4” Pots near blooming size and in some cases blooming: P. Ella Freed ‘Bonsall’ AM/AOS $50.00; P. Doris ‘Orchidglade’ FCC/AOS $150.00 ( I believe I am the only person to have this); P. Ramona ‘Purity’ AM/AOS $50.00; P. Princess Grace ‘Royalty” AM/AOS $50.00; P. Henriette Lecoufle “Boule de Neige’ FCC/RHS $50.00, P. Capitola ‘Moonlight’ $50.00; P. Ella Freed ‘Bonsall’ AM/AOS $50.00; Lecoufle’s famous P. Aubrac ‘Monique’ FCC/RHS $75.00; P. Joseph Hampton ‘Diane’ AM/AOS $75.00 ; Lecoufle’s famous P. Antarctic ‘Diament’ AM/RHS $50.00; P. Bruce Shaffer ‘Suzanne’ AM/AOS $50.00
Contact me at
Does anyone have the cross for Den Yellow Canary?
Looking for any Barkeria Species. Please email to
Have pods of Bulbophyllum lilacinum. Anyone interested in pod or seed? Please contact
I am looking for live plants of Dendobrium SONIA, or similar hybrids with another name.
Please send an email to
Looking to buy several plants. Need photo to see the flower.
Orchid Books For Sale. Most in excellent to new condition. For list, click here. PayPal only. Email for more info.
Looking for Slc Mae Hawkins 'Miya' AND Cattleya mendelii coerulea.
Please contact
Looking for Epidendrum raniferum (cristatum). Contact
I am trying to find an Ascocenda Fiftieth State Beauty. E-mail:
For sale:
98665 Lc. Goldigger 'Redland Gold' x C. schilleriana gold petals, fushia lip mounted $50
Bc. = (B. nodosa 'Bill's Spots' x C. bicolor 'Mendenhall-Beta 4N) BF mounted $20
GO 880594 Slc. Painted Cave x Blc. Memo. X Schom. Undulata alba 'Expo Merida' mounted $30
CLA 302 Schom. Splendid Spire 'Rose Midnight' dusty dark purple, red throat $100
Bc. Makai 'Mayumi' BF lavender, dark spots mounted
Miltassa Dennis Kleinbach 'Crownhurst' AM/AOS $30
Lc. anceps 'Pastel Giant' dark pink, fushia throat; very large plant on cork plaque $75
8143 C. Swan Lake 'Cimmaron Valley' AM/AOS x C. Sierra Blanca 'Mt. Whitney' AM/AOS $30
Blc. George King 'Southern Cross' $30
C. Orglades Grand Grand 'Yu'Chan Beauty' white fushia throat very large plant $50
C. maxima 'coerulea' $20
Milt. Rick Hood 'Shake' dusty purple, rose throat $20
6197 Lc. Puppy Love (C. Dubiosa 'Scully's x L. ancepa 'alba' "Marble Queen") 4N 2 divisions $40. in spike each $40. Awarded blue ribbon at SCOS, white, purple throat yellow lip
Den. aphyllum light pink, white throat in basket $20 & $30
Chysis laevis $15
Several very large elephant ear ferns, mounted on slabs or in baskets $30 - $50

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