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Page Updated: 2018
Slo Orchids specializes in species, and unusual primary hybrids.
Below is our monthly Orchid Special for December, 2018.
These selections are all compact growers, are blooming size and reflect a 25% reduction of their list price.
We guarantee winter shipments as we include a free heat pack when necessary.
Please order using the secure shopping cart on our website,
Blc. Waianae Leopard x Cattleya Lulu $18.00
Dockrillia teretifolia $18.75
Encyclia cordigera x Epidendrum magnificum $18.75
Lc. Scarlett Imp x L. anceps $16.50
Slc Tangerine Imp x Sc. Petite Pride $16.50
Looking for Slc Mae Hawkins 'Miya' AND Cattleya mendelii coerulea.
Please contact
Looking for Epidendrum raniferum (cristatum). Contact
I am trying to find an Ascocenda Fiftieth State Beauty. E-mail:
For sale:
98665 Lc. Goldigger 'Redland Gold' x C. schilleriana gold petals, fushia lip mounted $50
Bc. = (B. nodosa 'Bill's Spots' x C. bicolor 'Mendenhall-Beta 4N) BF mounted $20
GO 880594 Slc. Painted Cave x Blc. Memo. X Schom. Undulata alba 'Expo Merida' mounted $30
CLA 302 Schom. Splendid Spire 'Rose Midnight' dusty dark purple, red throat $100
Bc. Makai 'Mayumi' BF lavender, dark spots mounted
Miltassa Dennis Kleinbach 'Crownhurst' AM/AOS $30
Lc. anceps 'Pastel Giant' dark pink, fushia throat; very large plant on cork plaque $75
8143 C. Swan Lake 'Cimmaron Valley' AM/AOS x C. Sierra Blanca 'Mt. Whitney' AM/AOS $30
Blc. George King 'Southern Cross' $30
C. Orglades Grand Grand 'Yu'Chan Beauty' white fushia throat very large plant $50
C. maxima 'coerulea' $20
Milt. Rick Hood 'Shake' dusty purple, rose throat $20
6197 Lc. Puppy Love (C. Dubiosa 'Scully's x L. ancepa 'alba' "Marble Queen") 4N 2 divisions $40. in spike each $40. Awarded blue ribbon at SCOS, white, purple throat yellow lip
Den. aphyllum light pink, white throat in basket $20 & $30
Chysis laevis $15
Several very large elephant ear ferns, mounted on slabs or in baskets $30 - $50
Carter and Holmes Orchids in Newberry, SC will be sending out our Extended Holiday Divisions Listing on Saturday November 10th, 2018 at 12pm EST. Included will be Species, Select Clones, Rare Heirloom Varieties, Proven Parent Plants and first time division offerings of Carter and Holmes original creations such as:
Blc. Edisto ‘Walton Ray’ AM/AOS
Bc. Peggy Forbis ‘Pink #9’
Lc. Lou Gilmore ‘Hartford'
Blc. Miami Gold ‘Mendenhall'
Potinara Greg Uzar ‘Newberry Majesty’
Sign Up on our Website or Click Here
Or Email us directly and ask to be added to the list to receive Upcoming Divisions Listings on the date listed above.

Vanda orchids for sale
Have several large Blooming size vandas
V.Pure’s wax, pink – large plant BS- $ 26
V. Sanchai Gold spot- large plant BS- $ 26
V. Napadol delight- large plant BS- $26
Ascda. Princess Mikasa, pink- smaller plant- BS- $22
Additional shipping $8, please order only if plants are allowed to be shipped to your state and weather acceptable.
Will send pictures if needed - email me at
2” warm tolerant cymbidium seedling varieties. 2.25$ each. minimum order 50. 5” blooming size 10$. In spike 12$. minimum order 10.
All plants certified for shipping to the mainland US only.
Please email for specific crosses at
Slo Orchids will be unavailable for most of October and so there will be no Slo Orchid October Special.
As luck may be or not, my good friend and avid orchid enthusiast, Pony Crones has to liquidate his orchid collection and his offerings will replace my monthly special. Pony has been collecting for the last 25 years and has narrowed his orchid interest to Laelia anceps and its' hybrids. He has sourced many of his anceps from Cal Orchids, Santa Barbara Orchid Estate, Stewart's Orchids and vendors from Mexico and Australia.This list found here is not a complete compilation of Pony's inventory, if you have any questions or have a specific cultivar or anceps hybrid of interest please contact Pony for additional information..
Pony can be reached at email; or phone; 805-471-0719. All sales will be done via PayPal, account #
Orquidiario Cerro Verde have DIVISIONS AND ESTABLISHED PLANTS FOR SALE in Doral, Florida. Mainly Venezuelan and Colombian cattleya species, and more. Most of the plants has been produced in Venezuela by Armando Mantellini, or belong to his private collection.
We can ship to any location in the US, except Hawaii.
If you are interested in more information feel free to contact us.
Follow us in:
Facebook: Orquiverde
Instagram: @orquideascerroverde
Large BS Paph chamberlainianum unbloomed in 4.25 inch pots $20 each
Large multi-growth BS Den specio-kingianum plants in 5 inch pots $20 each
FDK Black Lace 'Bakers Dark Angel' 4 inch pot BS division $50
Ctsm Saccatum 'RO' x (Ctsm Dragon's teeth x Fimbriatum v. morrenianum) BS 4 inch pots, some spiking $20 each
Mo. Painted Desert 'Rogue Red' x Ctsm Hat Trick 'Giant Black' 4 inch pot $25
Also looking for an good BC Hippodamia if anyone has a plant to spare.
Summer Sale!
The Portland Orchid Society once again has orchids for sale.
Phalaenopsis (untagged) $1.50 ea or 50 for $70.00 or 100 for $125.00
Complex Paphs (utagged) $5.00ea only 1 dozen left
Complex Paphs (Tagged) $7.00 ea or 25 plants for $125.00
Minimum order $50.00
These are nice plants that would be great for Society Auction's & Fundraisers.
The plants will be shipped bare root via FedEx ground to help keep costs down. We can ship FedEx 2nd day or USPS Priority but the cost of shipping will be much higher.
Please contact Susan @ 503-244-3146 or
For Sale:
Bl.Helen (large lavender light pink sepals & petals, frilly lip) 1 mounted, 1 potted $20 each
C. Memoria Frank McNally (C. Schhilleriana x C. forbesii) (purple, green spotted lip & pink throat) mounted B: 4-18 1 mounted, 1 potted $20 each
C. Labiate coerulea UF (pale lavender striated lip) $25
Bl. Leprachaum Legend (C. digbyana) green frilly lip $30
98665 Lc. Golddigger 'Redland Gold' x C. schilleriana gold petals, fushia lip mounted $50
Bc. = (B. nodosa 'Bill's Spots' x C. bicolor 'Mendenhall-Beta' 4N) BF mounted $20
7982 C & H large white with gold throat B: 4-18 $40
Lc. Marcia Foster 'Bob Sanker' (white, purple throat) B: 4-18 RP: 3-28 $40
GO 880594 Slc. Painted Cave x Blc. Memo. x Schom. Undulata alba 'Expo Merida' mounted $30
CLA 302 Schom. Splendid Spire 'Rose Midnight' dusty dark purple, red throat $100
Den. 1130 Firewings atroviolaceum white, green purple $30
Bc. Makai 'Mayumi' BF lavender, dark spots mounted $40
Lc. Canhamiana (L. purpuratat semi alba x C. mossiae 'Reinia') $30
C. intermedia var. alba 'Penn Valley' AM/AOS $25
Trich. Ollie Palmer $30
Blc. Sherri Styles 'Sunshine' $30
Miltassa Dennis Kleinbach 'Crownhurst' AM/AOS $30
C. Cella Bella (C. Mrs. Mahler 'Mem. Fred Thompkins' AM/AOS x C. Aclanderiae 'Verde' AM/AOS $20
I am looking for Calanthe vestita to buy. E-mail:
I am looking for some verifiable information about C. loddigesii ‘Blue Sky’ AM/AOS. This was a plant that Stewart Orchids had and received the award on in 1987. I wanted to include some history and any information about this fine plant on my web site. I have contacted all that I know and so far have not had any luck. If anyone knows of something in writing about it or might of heard some of the old-timers that used to be at Stewarts mention anything about the plant’s history, please let me know. Any help at all would be most appreciated. It is supposed to be mentioned in the 1994 Stewart catalog, but I don’t have this issue and also in the 1996 catalog of Laurel Orchids, which I also don’t have.
Keith Davis,
Looking to sell small collection of Laelia purpuratas bought from Miranda. Most of them in 3” pots: two oculata (‘CD’ x ‘Maria’), roxo-bispo (­‘CD’ x ‘Armínio’), roxo-bispo (‘Pequena’ x ‘Armínio’), rubra (‘Sedenir’ x ‘Urussanga’), sanguinea (‘Veludo’ x ‘Vermelha’), sanguinea (OS3 x Dirlene), flammea (‘Deschamps’ x sanguinea ‘campea 2009 Tijucas’), Carnea (’SP’xsib), Werkhauseri (striata forte x striata).
Entire collection for $300
I'm looking for a healthy plant or division of Slc. Miyuki Little King (mini purple x brevipedunculata). There may be more than one cultivar. The particular one I'm interested in has a fuchsia flower with gold in the throat, and a fuchsia lip.
Very rare original Plate from James Bateman’s famous Orchids of Mexico and Guatemala. Only 125 were made in 1845. Plate is framed and matted in 24kt gold frame. It is the largest botanical prints ever made. Email me at for pics and price.
Looking for species and hybrids of Clowesia. Please reply to Subject Orchids
Professional Orchid Caretaker:
Am currently taking care of large orchid collections in and around Boca Raton and Delray Beach, Florida for the past 28 years. At this time I am willing to take on a couple new customers. Will fertilize, fungicide, insecticide and groom your orchids. Am available once a week, twice a week or twice a month. Have won many Awards of Merit with the American Orchid Society. Consultations Available.
Please Call: (561) 271-6131 Jane

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