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Page Updated: 2020
For sale:
L. tenebrosa 'Taylor Bronze' AM/AOS in a 7" pot with 4 backbulbs and 2 new growths... $150.00
Stanhopea wardii 'Gold Nugget' AM/AOS - established division in a 4" basket... $20.00 (3 available)
I am offering flowering size, front lead divisions of the following classic Cattleya orchids.
Blc Mem Crispin Rosales ‘Pine Knot’ AM/AOS 1968   $175.00
C Bow Bells ‘Ann Chadwick’ reg 1945   $100.00
Bc Mount Hood ‘Trade Winds’ AM/AOS 1964   $175.00
C Princess Bells ‘Betty’s Bouquet’ AM/AOS 1981   $125.00
Lc Britanna coerulea ‘Blue Clyde’ reg190 3   $100.00
Blc Silk Slippers ‘Golden Slippers’ reg 1984   $100.00
Lc Jane Helton ‘Woodly Mill’ AM/AOS 1963   $250.00
Bc Mount Hood ‘Delco Point’ AM/AOS 1968   $175.00
Blc Lester McDonald ‘Kelly’ AM/AOS 1965   $100.00
C Brabantiae ‘ Sentinels Surprise’ AM/AOS 1999   $125.00
Blc Goldenzelle ‘Frank Smith’ reg 1982   $175.00
Lc Longriver Compton ‘Golden Star’ FCC/AOS’ 1999   $150.00
Lc Floralias Triumph ‘Rolf Altenburg’ AM/AOS 2013   $150.00
If interested in any divisions, please contact Plato Mathews at
Slo Orchids specializes in species and unusual primary hybrids.
Below is our monthly Orchid Special for October, 2020.
These selections are all blooming size and reflect a 25% reduction of their list price.
We guarantee winter shipments as we include a free heat pack when required.
Please order using the secure shopping cart on our website,
Anacheilum regentii $21.00
Blc. Precious Stones x Mem. Ralph Placentia $21.00
Epidendrum xanthinum $15.00
Eplc. Tinker Toy $18.00
Looking for Eurychone rothschildiana. Send price and shipping cost to:
Serapias lingua, somewhat hardy terrestrial orchid for sale: 3 flowering sized bulbs and free shipping for $50 via paypal. USA only.
Warscewiczii for sale: semi-alba 'Canas Gordas' (4 growths) $300, coerulea 'Paul' FCC/AOS (very small division, but very hard to find) $225, semi-alba 'Bedford' (4 growths) $225
Cattleya Hardyana for sale. Freshly potted backbulb division of an unbloomed seedling of Troy Meyers flask TN6127 (Cattleya dowiana var rosita ‘Cammie’ x Cattleya warscewiczii ‘CAS’). I unfortunately cannot get any of my dozen hardyanas to bloom indoors, even the previously bloomed ones I’ve purchased. All 4 growths are 11.5”-13” tall. I would kindly ask that if you get it to bloom please send me a photo of the flower. $225
I will pay shipping to continental US locations. Email me for photos if needed.E-mail:
I am offering flowering size, front lead divisions of the following classic Cattleya orchids.
C Mary Lynn McKenzie ‘Jennie Goode’ AM/AOS 1961   $125.00
Lc Grezaff’s Blue ‘Joe’ reg. 1983   $75.00
Blc Irene Searles ‘Claire’ HCC/AOS 1958   $125.00
C Penny Kuroda ‘Spots’ HCC-AM/AOS 1985   $100.00
Blc Greenwich ‘Misty Lime’ AM/AOS 1971   $125.00
Blc Nickie Holguin ‘Perky’ AM/AOS 1978   $150.00
Blc Ports of Paradise ‘Golden Ruffles’ reg. 1970   $75.00
Lc Red Empress ‘Kamakura’ BM/JOGA   $100.00
Blc Fortumate ‘Sweet Eloquence’ AM/AOS 1982   $125.00
Blc Glenn Maidment ‘Aranbeem’ AM/AOS 2011   $100.00
Lc Christ Merkel ‘Surpreme’ AM/AOS 1961   $100.00
Lc Amber Glow ‘Waldor’ AM/AOS 1978   $150.00
Slc Trizac ‘Orchidhurst’ AM/RHS 1949   $150.00
If interested in any divisions, please contact Plato Mathews at
Hi I'm looking for Cattleya Ariel coerulea Bodnants and any other Oldie Goldie's blues.
You can reach me by email:
I am offering flowering size, front lead divisions of the following classic Cattleya orchids.
C Bob Betts ‘Lines’ AM/AOS 1955     $175.00
Lc Bonanza ‘Oak Hill’ HCC/AOS 1963     $350.00
Lc Bonanza ‘Texan’ HCC/AOS 1957     $350.00
Lc Bonanza ‘Territorial Enterprise’ AM/ODC 1955     $350.00
C Bow Bells ‘Rex’ AM/AOS 1950     $200.00
Pot Flameout ‘Cherry’ AM/AOS 1979     $200.00
Blc George King ‘Mem. Jim Nivens’ HCC/AOS 1979     $250.00
Lc Marie Ozella ‘Burgandy’ JC/AOS 1991     $175.00
Bc Mount Anderson ‘Orchidglade’ AM/AOS 1978     $250.00
Bc Mount Hood ‘Delco Point’ AM/AOS 1968     $175.00
Blc Owen Holmes ‘Ponkan’ AM/AOS 1989     $125.00
Blc Princess Teresa ‘Lavender & Lace’ AM/AOS 1973     $175.00
Bc Snowflake ‘Purity’ FCC/RHS 1931     $250.00
If interested in any divisions, please contact Plato Mathews at
Looking for Cattleya Ned Nash. Please contact
Orchids for sale:
Encyclia Jack Hatcher $15. ; 98665 Lc. Golddigger 'Redlland Gold' x C. Schilleriana mounted $50.; Slc. Painted Cave x Blc. Memo. x Schom. Undulata alba 'Expo Merida' mounted $30.; CLA 302 Schom. Splendid Spire 'Rose Midnight' $100. ; Lc. Anceps 'Pastel Giant' mounted $75. ; 6197 Lc. Puppy Love (C. Dubiosa 'Scully's x L. Anceps alba 'Marble Queen' 4N several sizes mounted on cork $50. ea.; 60050737 Pot. Orange Rocket 'Nuanu' x Schom. Undulata 'verde' $50.; Lc. Byron Wheeler 'Grande' $20.; Rechara 'Frances Fox' $20.; Garden Delight 'Margot' $20.; Lc. Lorraine Shirai 'Raye' x Port. Frank Gilmore 'Mendenhall' $50.; 8441 C. Schilleriana x Schom. Tibicinis $50.; 6909 Lc. Enidaki 'Newberry' x Easter Halo x 'Wrights' $20.; Bulbophylllum lobbii mounted $50.; 8735 Cysis langeyensis x self $45. and $20.
Looking for Paph. Gina Short and Paph. Angelus. Please email with information. Thank you.
ISO Cattleya warscewiczii var sanderiana and/or Cattleya Hardyana. If available for sale, please contact:
Short list of premium plants, all are divisions of original awarded plant:
Gastrorchis humblotii 'Missy's Rose Nimbus', HCC/AOS $125 (small division, to bloom in two years with shade, warmth, and lots of water)
Paphiopedilum Mocha King 'Klassy', AM/AOS (moquetteanum x kolopakingii) - $300 blooming size division in 6", very colorful multifloral
Cattleya Leoloddiglossa 'Call That Blue', AM/AOS (Loddiglossa x tigrinium) - tan with "blue" lip, blooming size division, growth well advanced to bloom this summer $350
Phragmipedium longifolium fma. gracile 'Bronze Elf', AM/AOS - big division in 6", $350
One only of each. Prices include shipping.
Wanted: Blc Goldenzelle Yw Sapp
I am looking for divisions of the following: Onc. Ilia Ferrusi, Onc. Kevin Cobbledick, Onc. Bruce Cobbledick, Onc. Stropheon, Onc. Feuerglut, Ons. Midnight Miracles, Oda. Feuerkugel, and Onc. Cholita Cuencana. I am also looking for seed from unusual or hard to find orchid species especially terrestrial orchid species.
I am looking to purchase a division of a nice Phrag Andean Fire. Live in Canada. (Phrag Guy)
I am trying to buy a division of C. Jericho 'Tulare Sky' coerulea #1 which I am told originated from Stewart's. I would like to use it in my breeding program of blue catts. or 504-388-2058.
Orchid enthusiasts, Sentinel Orchids has completed it's 2020, 50 page catalog. The first part is pictures and descriptions. The second portion is orchid management information with cultural tips. The collection has been virus checked. Included are Epidendroidiae (Cattleyas = compacts and standards, highly awarded) with species, Broughtonia, Brassavola, Blues, Oncidiae, Tolumnias, Paphiopedilums, Misc. Species, Mini Species, Compact Dendrobiums, Haworthias and variegated succulents, rare green and white striped Sanseviaria. Purchased plants to be held till warmer weather. Many plants offered are one of a kind. E-mail and Sentinel will e-mail you a 2020 Catalog.
Mark Werther, Sentinel Orchids, Radnor, PA. (610) 688-8528
Divisions of Coelogyne barbada from Indian nursery $20; Stenoglottis longifolium, 1 gal plants $20; large bulbs of Pleione Tongariro $15 each. All sent bare root. Shipping dependent on order. Contact
Additionally, we are looking for anyone growing cool growing orchids such as pleiones, disas; Med. and Australian terrestrial, and epiphytes with an interest in selling, trading and sharing info.

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