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Page Updated: 2020
Slo Orchids specializes in species and unusual primary hybrids.
Below is our monthly Orchid Special for February, 2020.
These selections are all blooming size.
We guarantee winter shipments as we include a free heat pack when required.
Please order using the secure shopping cart on our website,
Ctna. 'Why Not' $25.00
Slc. Rotunda Red 'Tom Thumb' $25.00
Cattleya deckeri $25.00
Cattleya percivaliana $25.00
Cattleya 'Ruth Gee' $25.00
Orchid enthusiasts, Sentinel Orchids has completed it's 2020, 50 page catalog. The first part is pictures and descriptions. The second portion is orchid management information with cultural tips. The collection has been virus checked. Included are Epidendroidiae (Cattleyas = compacts and standards, highly awarded) with species, Broughtonia, Brassavola, Blues, Oncidiae, Tolumnias, Paphiopedilums, Misc. Species, Mini Species, Compact Dendrobiums, Haworthias and variegated succulents, rare green and white striped Sanseviaria. Special sale until end of February for minimum 20% off for purchased plants by check. Purchased plants to be held till warmer weather. Take a look, many plants offered are one of a kind. If you cannot open the catalog, e-mail or call me and I will forward to you.
Mark Werther, Sentinel Orchids, Radnor, PA. (610) 688-8528
Divisions of Coelogyne barbada from Indian nursery $20; Stenoglottis longifolium, 1 gal plants $20; large bulbs of Pleione Tongariro $15 each. All sent bare root. Shipping dependent on order. Contact
Additionally, we are looking for anyone growing cool growing orchids such as pleiones, disas; Med. and Australian terrestrial, and epiphytes with an interest in selling, trading and sharing info.
I'm looking for the following plants:
Phal. Gladys Read 'Snow Queen" or 'Solent Queen' or whaever is available.
Phal. Jiuhbao Red Rose
Phal. Taipei Gold 'Gold Star'
Orchids in Bloom
Michael Collin Orchids
Catleya and Vanda orchids
4000 52nd Street North
Saint Petersburg, Fl 33709
Phone: 727-525-7558
Orquidiario Cerro Verde offers DIVISIONS AND ESTABLISHED PLANTS FOR SALE in Doral, Florida. Mainly Venezuelan and Colombian cattleya species, and more. Most of the plants have been produced in Venezuela by Armando Mantellini, or belong to his private collection.
We can ship to any location in the US by USPS Priority Mail.
WE ARE READY OUR NOVEMBER 2019 CATALOG which include Cattleyas, Brassavolas and Guarianthes (all species).
If you are interested in more information feel free to contact us.
Follow us in:
Facebook: Orquiverde
Instagram: @orquideascerroverde
Looking for a mature blooming sized plant of Neomorrea irrota.
Seeking 25 inexpensive flowering size cymbidium orchid plants for a fundraiser. Need to ship to California.
I am offering flowering size, front lead divisions of the following classic Cattleya orchids. They are all in BUD.
Blc Owen Holmes ‘Ponkon’ AM/AOS 1989 $250.00
Lc Pirate King ‘Crimson Glory’ HCC/AOS 1979 $150.00
Blc Mem. Roseylyn Reisman ‘Woodridge’ HCC/AOS 1983 $250.00
C Enid ‘Orchidglade’ $300.00
Blc Ranger Six ‘Excellency’ AM/AOS 1980 $300.00
Blc Mem. Helen Brown ‘Full Moon’ AM/AOS 1968 $175.00
Blc Mem. Crispin Rosales ‘Mindi’ AM/AOS 1977 $200.00
Blc Cherry Sussie ‘Orchid Etcetera’ AM/AOS 1996 $150.00
Lc Molly Tyler ‘Black River’ AM/AOS 1964 $125.00
Lc Stephen Oliver Fouraker ‘Blue Grass’ AM/AOS 1972 $200.00
Lc Royal Emperor ‘Chris’ AM/AOS 1976 $200.00
Lc Ann Follis ‘TM3’ 4n $250.00
C bowringiana alba ‘Summit Snow’ AM/AOS 2011 $200.00
Blc Mem. Dorothy Bertsch ‘Copper Glow’ AM/AOS 1977 $250.00
If interested in any divisions, please contact Plato Mathews at
ISO Bifrenaria harrisoniae and/or Cuitlauzina pendula.
Please contact Steve at rogerweaverhill@gmail.comif available.
ISO Ansellia africana, blooming-size or near blooming-size plant.
Please email
Deep Cut OS giant orchid auction - October 5th
Deep Cut Orchid Society 2019 auction features 325+ orchids, with 200+ coming from the premier nurseries in the US, and 100+ donations from member collections - including some rare items not available anywhere else in the US. Free parking and Free admission. Buffet luncheon may be purchased at the entrance.
Where: The Garden Room, Monmouth Race Track,
175 Oceanport Avenue, Oceanport, NJ
When: Saturday, Oct 5th,
Preview 09:30 AM, Auction 10 AM to 4 PM
Directions: Garden State Parkway to Exit 105. Take Route 36 East to Oceanport Avenue.
Turn left on Oceanport Avenue, take first entrance to the race track, and bear left.
The Portland Orchid Society once again has orchids for sale.
Phalaenopsis previously bloomed (no tags) $1.50 ea or 50 for $70.00 or 100 for $125.00
Complex Paphs previously bloomed (no tags) $5.00 ea
Minimum order $50.00
These are nice plants that would be great for Society Auction's & Fundraisers.
The plants will be shipped bare-root via FedEx ground to help keep costs down.
We can ship FedEx 2nd day or USPS Priority but the cost of shipping will be much higher.
Please contact Susan @ 503-244-3146 or
I am looking for Laelia crispa var. carnea and the hybrid L.splendens 'carnea' Stewart's hybrid from the late 60's-70's.
I understand that Yamamoto dendrobiums on the big island of Hawaii is no longer in business and/or doesn't ship to individuals as before. The Japanese website of Yamamoto dendrobiums advertises that "we ship all over the world" but gives no instructions as to how to order any plants. This is a great disappointment as Mr. Koichi Ichahara did a wonderful job there at the Hawaiian location. Does anyone have any idea where one may purchase the Nobile dendrobium hybrids (from Yamamoto or anyone else)? send info to
Looking for divisions of C. Fred Cole and C. Marjorie Hausermann.
I have 20 plants from my personal collection to offer for sale. Please use the link below to the list and descriptions on my web site.
Keith Davis
I would like to acquire clean divisions of the following:
L, lobate v. coerulea Paulo Hoppe, C. labiate coerulea Richard, Lc. Canhamiana v. coerulea 6686, Lc. Canhamiana coerulea Blue Lace. Elc. Blue Adagio Neptune.
E-mail: phone 504-592-7279
4 Front bulbs minimum preferred.
Looking for a clean/unvirused division or clone of the following:
LC. Mem. Albert Heinecke
LC. Lee Langford
LC. Ann Follis
BLC. Norman's Bay "Ruby"
I won't ask for a virus test but that the flowers at least be free of color break and other virus traces, leaves/growths be free of streaking, viral spots/viral marks, viral chlorotic fading, etc. Please send email with full plant/clone name, condition (including any recent virus test), size and price, to
Flasks of pink complex paphs. Parents are Paph. Manayunk ‘April’ AM/AOS X White Castle ‘Checkmate’. Results are anticipated to be similar to Paph. Lady Luck. $49 + $8 shipping per flask; discounts on shipping for multiple flasks to the same address. Several available. Contact
Orchid books for sale. Almost 70% below online prices. Or all for $500! Excellent condition.
Contact PayPal only. Shipping based on the method you choose.
Title Author Date Price
Phylogeny and Classification of the Orchid Family
Les Orchidees de Madagascar
Orchids of Borneo
African Orchids in the Wild and in Cultivation
Orchids of Bolivia Volume 1
Orchids of Kenya
The World of Catasetum
Wild Orchids of Thailand 4th ed
Libro rojo de Plantas de Columbia Volume 6
Wild orchids of the lower North Island, New Zealand
Bulbophyllums, The incomplete Guide; from A to Why
Orquideas Native del Tachira
Angraecoid Orchids
Taylor's Guide to Orchids
Bulbophyllums and Their Allies
The Slipper Orchids
The Manual of Cultivated Orchid Species 3th edition
The Orchids of the Philippines
Discovering New World Orchids
Orchid Names and their Meaning
Huntleyas and related Orchids
Dressler, Robert
Bosser, Jean et al
Vermeulen, JJ
La Croix, Isobyl & Eric
Vasquez, Roberto et al
Stewart, Joyce
Holst, Arthur
Vaddhanaphuti, Nantiya
Saenz, Eduardo
Lange, Peter et al
Thoms, Bill
Fernandez, Cesar
Stewart, Joyce et al
White, Judy
Siegerist, Emiy
Cash, Catherine
Bechtel, Helmut et al
Coioites, Jim
Manning, Steve signed
Mayer, Hubert
Harding. Patricia

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