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Page Updated: 2018
For Sale:
Blc Solar Flare 'Paradise' BS $12, Blc Rustic Spots BS $10, Blc Laura Bush BS $15, Bulb. Lasiochilum (Red) BS (M) $13, Bulb. falcatum var. velutinum BS (M) $13, Cattlianthe Carolyn Reid 'Glowing Embers' 2 bulb division $13, Den. Emma White 'Mutation' BS $13, Den. Burana Stripes BS $13, Den. Violet Yamaji 'Nalo' BS $13, Encyclia alata BS $13, Epicyclia Laura Myers 'Carmela's Pink Lip' NBS/BS $13, L anceps 'Guerrero' division $25, Lc Mini Song 'Petite' AM/AOS BS $12, Polystachya paniculata BS $12, Poly Rodney Ellis BS $12.
These will be shipped bare root or (M) mounted.
Paypal only plus shipping.
Slo Orchids specializes in species and unusual primary hybrids.
Below is our monthly Orchid Special for May, 2018.
These selections are all blooming size and reflect a 25% reduction of their list price.
Please order using the secure shopping cart on our website,
Dendrobium lichenastrum $24.00
Epidendrum coriifolium $21.00
Epidendrum xanthinum $20.00
Laelia purpurata 'Carnea' $18.00
Oncidium phymatochilum $18.00
One division of each available. Email me if interested and prices:
Albion (the original FCC/RHS); Anzac Orchidhurst; Barbara Billingsley Orchidhaven; bouringiana Splendens; Cadmium Light Sweet Lime; Carousel Cromson Triumph; Chine Bouton D’or; Clifontii Magnifica; Cowanaei Proebstle; Delta King Tangerglow; digbyana Mrs. Chase; Ermine Lines; Esbetts Diane; Francis T. C. Au Orchidglade; Gold Girl Miami; Greenwich Lake Whitehurst; Heithii Becky; Helen P. Dane Magnifica; Intermedia alba Rivermont; J. A. Carbone Orbit 10; Jewel Box Beverly; Judy Small Delight; Joyce Hannington September Morn; Lee Langford Copper Queen; Pot. Medea FCC/RHS; Liily Pons Jean; loddigessi Streeters Choice; Lorraine Malworth Orchidglade; Lorraine Shirai St. Pete; Madge Fordyce Red Orb; Sue Fordyce Red Head; Mem. Dorothy Bertsch West; Mem. Helen Brown Swee Afton; Milton Warne Premier; Norman’s Bay Hercules; Norman’s Bay Royal Bride; Portia Appleton; Ranger Six A-OK; Rita Renee Matriarch; skinneri Heiti Jacobs; skinneri Carpenteria
(Orquidiario Cerro Verde orchid plants)
Due to space limitations our customers will profit from this
for a limited time (valid until May 15th, 2018)
3 PURPLE AND PINK CATTLEYA LUEDDEMANNIANA divisions from our collection for only
$ 90 plus shipping & handling.

These are very selected varieties from our recent crosses.
You will have the opportunity to be ahead of many collectors at a very low price.
We accept PayPal.
If you are interested in more information feel free to contact us or connect with us.
Facebook: Orquiverde
Instagram: @orquideascerroverde
ORQUIVERDE (Orquidiario Cerro Verde) now have orchids plants available for sale in Doral, Florida. Mainly Venezuelan and Colombian cattleya species, and more. Most of the plants has been produced in Venezuela by Armando Mantellini, or belong to his private collection.
We will be participating in 2018 Redland Orchid Festival on May 18, 19 & 20. You can buy it from us directly at the Festival, we accept cash, checks, and paypal. Alternatively, we can ship to any location in the US, except Hawaii.
If you are interested in more information feel free to contact us or connect with us.
Facebook: Orquiverde
Instagram: @orquideascerroverde
I want to buy a plant of Phalaenopsis Fantasy Musick. E-mail:
Everything in four inch pots. Pictures available on request
Paph Hsinying Anita singles : Lady Isabel "Jumbo Lady" x anitum "Ace AM/AOS" singles. 3 available. 25.00 each
Paph rothschildianum 'Gold Dynasty' x 'Giant Wings' GM/WOC singles . 2 available. 25.00 each
Paph rothschildianum 'New Horizon' FCC/AOS x 'Raptor' singles. 4 available 35.00 each
Paph Prince Edward of York 2 plant compot 40.00
Paph rothschildianum 'Gold Dynasty' x 'Giant Wings' GM/WOC compots (2 plants each) 35.00 per compot
Paph rothschildianum 'Giant Wings' GM/WOC x 'Canadian Club' GM/JOGA compots (3 plants each) 35.00 per compot
Paph Lady Roth Lady Isabel 'Jumbo Lady' x rothschildianum 'New Horizon' FCC/AOS singles. 2 available 35.00 each
Paph micranthum x anitum blooming size 50.00
Email: Paypal only plus shippping.
I'm searching for a division of any healthy clone of Slc. Deborah Off. Also seeking Sl. Psyche 'China'.
My email address is
Heritage Cattleya Divisions
Now that winter is finally ending, here is my 2018 Spring Classic Cattleya Listing. I am offering some choice Cattleya divisions. In most cases there is only one division available. You can contact me Plato Mathews at
I am looking for divisions of Cymbidium Little Beauty and Cymbidium Mad Irishman x kalimpong, Cymbidium Dancing Mother ’Katone’
Wanted: Invasive orchid species Epipactis helliborine. Range covers most of the Eastern USA. Noxious in Michigan & Ohio. Any/all colors. Contact Anna:
Vanda tricolor var. suavis 'Bali Best Girl', AM/AOS, IN BUD.
This is the only division I’ve made, not a clone and this one has never been cloned. 82 point award. Large flat fragrant flowers; the Balinese suavis can take nights in the 40s and are the most spectacular form of the variety in form, color and size. This one’s mother came from Bali in 1988. Ten inch clay pot; might be best to break it out and ship more or less bare root (in a bag for the medium that remains attached to the roots).
Email for a copy of the award photo and/or a photo of the division in spike.
I am looking for divisions of the following:
BLC. Helen Veliz 'Goldrunner' & BLC. Mem. Begnino Aquino 'Krull-Smith' HCC/AOS. I had a heater malfunction last year in my greenhouse and I lost both of these plants so if you have a division that you are willing to sell please email me at or you can text me at 862-219-8786. Please text only, as I will not pick up if i don't recognize the number.
I'm looking for clones of both Miltonia Guanabara and Miltonia Puna Cove.
Please email replies to
I am interested in obtaining one or more blooming size plants of Angraecum Lemforde ‘white beauty’.
Please email replies to
I am offering blooming size meristems from my historic phal collection.
Each is 50.00 plus shipping. There are more clones coming shortly!
Dpts. Mem. James McPearson ‘Omaha’ AM/AOS
P. Antarctic ‘Diament’ AM/RHS (Lecoufle’s famous breeder)
P. Capitola ‘Moonlight’ (Shaffer’s famous breeder)
P. Bruce Shaffer ‘Mailbu ( Shaffer’s famous breeder with very round and hard flowers)
P. Ella Freed ‘Malibu’ ( Freed’s famous stripe)
P. Princess Grace ‘Bonsall’ AM/AOS ( the famous Doris hybrid)
P. Henriette Lecoufle ‘Boule de Neige’ FCC/RHS (Lecoufle’s famous plant that has been used countless times in breeding)
Contact Jeff Bradley jefftex3@attnet
Paphiopedilum species flasks:
stonei $75. 5 available
venustum $50. 2 available
approx. 30 plants per flask
Email is
My first Spring division list of historic and rare Cattleya Species is now ready;
Please email me at for the list. Thanks Jeff Bradley
For you phalaenopsis growers! I am offering meristems (blooming size) of rare historic phals such as Henriette Lecoulfe ‘Boule de Neige’, Capitola ‘Moonlight’, Ella Freed ‘Maiibu and many more.
Please email me for availability and prices. Jeff Bradley
Asking for contributions to an autistic young man's orchid collection. He has lost his supermarket job and can no longer buy new plants. ANYTHING you could spare would be appreciated. Please contact me at for the address. Thanks and God Bless.
Flask for sale:
1) xyz12 Paph tigrinum 'New Hope" x self
very nice clone, robust grower with dark botches. less prone to bud blast then others. ($200)
2) xyz15 Paph tigrinum "Winchester x Toyko"
Tokyo is a top clone from Machan at TON with huge flowers. Winchester brings heavy substance; hoping for better next generation batch of plants ($250)
3) xyz18 paph purpurascns var virens x self
Excellent clone, robust grower. I must have over a dozen new growths on the mother plant. species may also go by javanicum. ($200)
4) xyz19 Paph pupuanum
outcross of two of my best papuanum. Robust seedlings, probably the best seedlings coming out of a flask for a long time. These are pre papuanums that Popow are importing. leaves are slightly ticker. ($250)
103 issues of "The Orchid Advocate" and "Orchid Adventures" both of which are the official journal of the Cymbidium Society of America. These cover 1975 to 2000. Included are: Vol 1 no 1,4, Vol 2 no 1-3,5,6
Vol 3 no 1.2, 4-6, Vol 4 no 1-3,5,6, Vol 5 no 2-6, Vol 6 no 2-6, Vol 7 no 3-5, Vol 8 no 1,2,3,5, Vol 9 no 1-6, Vol 10 no 1,6, Vol 11 no 1, 3-6, Vol 12 no 1-4,6, Vol 13 no 2,4,5, Vol 14 no 1-3,5,6, Vol 18 no 1-4,6, Vol 19 no 1,3-6, Vol no 20 no 1-6, Vol 21 no 1,3-6, Vol 22 no 1-6, Vol 23 no 2-6, Vol 24 no 5,6, Vol 25 no 1,4,6, year 2000 Vol 1,2,3.
These issues are quite heavy. Journals are free. Shipping will be $22.00.
For Sale: All Blooming Size Plants (Paphiopedilum) unless noted otherwise..plants are well grown and have been in my space for the past three years, pics available on request. The hybrids are breeding for dark flowers.
Hsinying Anita x rothschildianum 50.00 (two available)
Hsinying Anita x roth NBS 30.00
Johanna Burkhardt x rothschildianum 50.00
Johanna Burkhardt x rothschildianum in Bud (two growth plant) 60.00
rothschildianum 'Hsinton x 'Macrura Scarlet Robe' NBS 40.00
rothschildianum 'Hsinton x 'Macrura Scarlet Robe' BS 75.00
rothschildianum "New Horizon" FCC/AOS x Raptor GM/JOGA 8-10 inch LS 50.00
Please email me at Paypal only. Shipping and heatpacks extra.

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