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Page Updated: 2017
Catt. crosses for sale:
Have been growing a number of catt. crosses for some time now. They are robust and now ready to be put into 4 inch pots come this spring. Have a few with there first sheaths. Looking to sell a few at $25 each and if you buy three or more will try to give one in bud or sheath. Can send photos of the catts to your e-mail. Please contact me at if you have any interest. This will be sellers choice but I can send photos of the plants before you purchase. Thanks and hope that everyone has a Happy Holiday.
I am looking for a division of Cymbidium Little Beauty and Cymbidium Pee Wee ‘gold coins’
Slo Orchids specializes in species and unusual primary hybrids.
Below is our monthly Orchid Special for December 2017.
These selections are all blooming size and reflect a 25% reduction of their list price.
Please order using the secure shopping cart on our website,
Encyclia cordigera x Encyclia prismatocarpum $16.50
Eria amica $15.00
Maxillaria scalariformis $26.25
Polystachya ottoniana $13.50
Slc. Tangerine Imp x Sc. Petite Pride $15.00
I’m looking for Mexican Stanhopea species (S. tigrina, S. nigroviolacea, S. oculata, etc.). Let me know what you have.
I'm looking for a Potinara "Lemon Tree Yellow Magic"
Cattleya intermedia alba Windy Hill" AM/AOS 7 growth two lead 66 cm tall in 7 inch pot. $125.00 plus $20.00 shipping money order or check.
Orchid collection for sale
Due to health problems, I unfortunately need to sell most of my orchids.
They are mostly Cattleya and Laelia species, hybrids and awarded plants.
I can add plants to the list if you have a particular plant you are looking for.
Please email me for a list at
Shipping will be FREE if you want the plants taken out of the pots. Other details will be on list.
Old growth rescued Cypripedium clumps (2-5 stems).
Cyp. reginae @ $25/stem
Cyp. pubescens @ $20/stem
Cyp. parviforum @ $15/stem
Shipping Oct 15 - April 15
Inquire for larger clumps or quantity order.
Wildland Management Company
MN Dept. Ag. Certificate # 201386637
Sentinel Orchids has issued the new 2017/2018 catalog. The listing has many new virus tested collector orchids and awarded plants and an expanded TIPS section on strategies and procedures for growing. The number of each type are very limited as they represent divisions of collection plants. Since the listing will initiate in October, we expect to be able to forward plants hopefully into November, until weather gets too cold. With payment of plants, we will gladly hold plants and grow them larger until weather permiting in 2018. Please access the listing at There is a special on Bc. Mt. Hood 'Orchidglade' AM/AOS at $50.00 per plant with a $200 order or a free plant with orders of $300 or more for first 8 qualifying orders. Sentinel also has a large collection of variegated Haworthias mostly in the limifolia type and rare succulents. Please inquire. Phone number is (610) 688-8528. E-mail:
I am offering a large selection of some very choice Cattleyas for Fall 2017. These plants are flowering size, front lead divisions.
List is HERE. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me at
I am looking for a blooming size POT Heavenly Jewel Puanani preferably in CANADA.
My Email Address is
Ten Shin Gardens, a registered orchid nursery based in Taiwan specialises in species in Aerangis, Bulbophyllum, Chinese Cymbidium, Cattleya, Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis, and etc. We also offer high quality Cynodes hybrids and exotic intergenetic hybrids. We strive to provide best quality plants at competitive prices and welcome all retail and wholesale orders. We will be attending 2017 Huntington Library orchid show in October. We welcome all preorders. Please contact us at for complete plant list and our show schedule.
Here is my latest list of divisions available, in Word format: LIST.
I am looking to buy a C. Monte Elegante (C.Sophia Martin X C.Interglossa). If anyone has one that is available for sale, or is willing to do a division for sale or knows of someone who is willing to do either of the aforementioned, please contact me at
Orquidiario Cerro Verde have more plants available in Doral, Florida. Mainly Venezuelan and Colombian cattleya species, and more. Most of the plants has been produced in Venezuela by Armando Mantellini, or belong to his private collection.
We can ship to any location in the US, except Hawaii.
If you are interested in more information feel free to contact us or connect with us.
Follow us in:
Facebook: Orquiverde
Instagram: @orquideascerroverde
For Sale: 163 orchid society pins, including 22 states, 9 countries, AOS, WOC and other society pins. All money for the sale of the pins will go to foster homes in the Tampa Bay area ( Sold as a collection, asking $2,500, will include 24 duplicate pins free. Please e-mail with subject line "orchid pins".
ENCYCLIAS! Large inventory of Encyclia primary hybrids and some species. These are seedlings of which several have bloomed. These are sold in blocks of 50 and 100. 50 block are $4.00 each plus shipping. 100 block are $2.85 each plus shipping.
E-mail me for a list at:
A couple of years ago someone here sold me a nice plant of Schomburgkia (now Laelia) lyonsii.
Well, I hope it was a division and not the whole plant: it was awarded an AM/AOS a month ago.
Would the happy vendor please remind me who they are at
Looking for Euchile (Encyclia) citrina. If available or know of a source, please contact:

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